Generac's Natural Gas Powered Automatic Standby Power Generators - Never Live Without Power

 Posted by iron on 11/25/2010 under Hardware category

Generac's Generators

Generac Guardian Series generators starts from 8 kW and goes up till 60 kW. Just a rough idea, an APC UPS 1500 VA or about 900 Watts can run a 110 Watts PC (with turned off monitor) for about an hour. Now imagine this, we are talking 8,000 Watts or 8 kW here. As long as you are having natural gas coming in, this generator will not let your power down. If you have less load e.g. couple of PCs/Servers then you should also check Generac's EcoGen Series that starts with 6kW but runs on propane gas only. These generators run on natural gas or LP (Liquid Propane) and empowered with Generac's TruePower Technology for clean, smooth operation of even sensitive electronics and appliances. Added Sound Reduction with enclosures that are lined with sound reducing foam panels for further noise reduction. Sturdy, galvanneal steel enclosure with RhinoCoat finish for superior weather protection, modeled to withstand 150 mph winds. Designed to be placed outside home and under the sky.


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