Should I Use High Build Polyurethane Or Fast Drying?

 Posted by iron on 03/25/2011 under Improvement category

Do Not Buy High-Build Instead Buy Fast Drying

According to Minwax - the company that supplies Polyurethane both High Build and Fast Drying to HomeDepot and Lowes here in USA; High Build Polyurethane dries in 24 hours - guys this is a joke and a very big fat lie. It's a horrible lie; it takes 3 weeks to 6 weeks for this to properly dry so that you can move/place your furniture on otherwise wherever there is a slide\pressue there will be wrinkles. I ended up doing my floor twice; do not ask me about how painful it is to redo a freshly done Polyurethane job. Always buy a Fast Drying or Ultra-fast drying formula from Winmax. HomeDepot had some old boxes and there was no such option of Fast Drying; I guess all sold-out; eded-up getting High Build. Took me two months for one floor.


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