ES6928P Voice Commands Based Control Board - Bye Bye To AS YOU WISH As No PC Required!

 Posted by iron on 03/10/2013 under Engineering category

ES6928P Stand Alone Voice Recognition System Board

AS YOU WISH @ URL system was developed back in 1998-99 and required MS Speech Library running under obviously MS Windows Operating System. The code was written in MS Visual Basic 6.0.

The purpose of creating this project is to control all home equipments e.g. Fans, Lights, Door motor, Electric Heater, TV, VCR, Water Pump etc. through Voice. The user will no longer have to move from his seat, just to turn on the Fan. He will just call the Fan with its Name, rest will be done by "As You Wish".

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Now with this cool stand-alone system: ES6928P from engineeringshock, the enablement of devices for human voice commands is piece of a cake! No coding required and no PC needed. Attach the board's outputs with some relays' board and you will be controlling your home lamps, fans, solenoid valves etc. with this tiny module. Here is the demonstration about this board's application on YouTube:


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