netTalk vs MagicJack - Used MagicJack For 3 Years Not Any More

 Posted by iron on 05/23/2010 under Hardware category

netTalk vs MagicJack

I was MagicJack customer for 3 years. It was a excellent product of that time. But eversince, I bought netTalk I was amazed. It is very small device and works independent of the computer. Unlike MagicJack there is no need to keep the computer ON. These days at the minimum, each desktop PC takes about 90 Watts. This the without the power of Monitor. A normal LCD monitor (19") takes about 60 Watts. I have been using netTalk backed with Comcast broadband internet for past three months now. So far, no problem. It was very easy to setup as well. The time I connected it with router, it showed up on the router connected devices. Then created DMZ on that IP address. Super performance. netTalk wins.


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