netTalk vs Vonage - 99 USD Lifetime vs 30 USD Per Month

 Posted by iron on 05/23/2010 under Hardware category

netTalk vs Vonage

Looks like a simple competition. Both are Voice Over IP devices. But one comes with 99 USD for lifetime (promotion going on currently) local/long distance (US and Canda Free) whereas other comes with 30 USD per month price. Unlike, MagicJack both devices do not require computer to remain ON always. Vonage might have more countries included besides free US and Canada. But if you do not have anyone living in India why pay for that feature. Makes sense right? Even if you have relatives living in Pakistan, buy one for them and mail them this netTalk device then it will be free calls from USA to Pakistan via netTalk. Like in netTalk and MagicJack competition, here netTalk wins again.


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