The Programming & Engineering Certification
The certification is designed to honor passionate folks in the field of engineering and programming. The place where these two fields overlap and where Progneers thrive. We thought a lot and concluded that passion cannot me measured using MSQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Therefore to become a Certified Progneer® requires following three steps.

  • Step 1: Make sure you are eligibile

  • Step 2: Apply to become Certified Progneer®

  • Step 3: Share 30 small solutions or few complete projects

Step 1: Eligibility Requirement
Before you move forward with step 2 make sure you have:
  • 4 years Bachelor of Science/Engineering Degree (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical etc.)

Step 2: Apply to become Certified Progneer®
There is no application fee. The online application form requires you to upload scanned copy of your degree in PNG/JPG format, university name and website address besides providing other relating information.

Step 3: Submit 30 Small Solutions or Few Complete Projects
While developing projects there are numerous occassions we encounter unique problems and we end up developing solutions. We do not want you to share the complete project but that unique small solution. The solution could be a design improvement, small electric circuit module of a bigger project, small computer interfacing project or a code snippet (e.g. Out of 30, some of your solutions should be relating to engineering, some relating to programming and at least one relating to one of the RDBMS databases e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access etc. But if your solution is a complete project e.g. we might grant you credit of upto 10 small solutions depending upon the quality of the submission. Anything outside the programming and engineering domain will not be considered a solution for the certification. All those solutions will be rejected which already existed on google, having grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, programming errors/not tested solutions. All your submitted solutions will be posted to after preliminary approval. We reserve the right to cancel your certification at any point in future after granting, based on peers reviews and our investigation that your solution(s) were based on trickery or it is brought to our attention that you found guilty of a crime by any court of law in the world or even without any reason.

Enormance benefits but some are given below.

  • Be a part of world's first & only Certified Progneers Registry in the US.
  • Life long certification. No yearly renewal fee. No Fees at all.
  • We will mail you Gold Plated Certified Progneer® logo pin.
  • You will be authorized to display Certified Progneer® logo.
  • You will be given permanent URL for certification verification on progneer server®.
  • Virtually unlimited blog space at (e.g.
  • You will be the part of world-wide community of Certified Progneer®s.
  • Free opportunity to become an author of programming and/or engineering book publication in US.
  • Free access to programming & engineering job opportunities all over the world.

If you are eligible then Click Here to start the process.


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